Writer of stories set in the days of the past, with a light fantastical twist and a strong focus on characters. She writes worlds inspired by histories, with a wide interest in world history. Sometimes even wishing to travel back in time to learn more, but she would never want to stay there permanently. 

You can find her stories here as well as on RoyalRoad and Webnovel. 

She also critiques stories, has read a lot during her past few years which allowed her to gain a lot of experience. Her services can be found under the beta reading section.

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Pledging will give you access to bonus and downloadable content for as little as $1, as well as the chance to get special offers, giveaway and other benefits. It will also be be supporting me as I go through my publishing journey. 

Bonus Chapters

Chapters that are part of companion volumes, which is filled with extras during the main story that don’t fit anywhere or deal more with the past. Pledge to see content that takes place in between the plot, to know more about the world and the lore. 

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Edited chapters are revised versions of the volumes, which have been more polished and published. Pledge to see them and see the journey from a first draft to a publication ready volume. 

A Maiden's Strange Voyage

An adventure fantasy, a coming of age tale about a young girl who has dreamed from young to travel the world. No matter what it took. Set in Imperial China during the Song Dynasty

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Within A Grey Twilight

Set during an alternative 19th century world, a boy goes back to his homeland in hopes of repaying a debt to a girl he owes. But is he who he says he is? A mystery series, with a strong focus on strategy, intrigue and wit. 

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Blog posts about writing, history and being a person with multiple interests and talents. I also occasionally touch on marketing and freelancing. 

I will critique your story, focusing mainly on plot, characterization, themes and pacing. My critique would be able to help you tell whether your story is ready for the world or the next stage. 

Delivery Time:

  • Under 5k words: 2-3 days
  • 5k-10k words: 3-4 days
  • 11k-25k words: 4-6 days
  • 26k-50k words: 5-7 days
  • 51k-75k words: 7-10 days
  • 76k-100k:11-14 days
  • 101k-150k: 15-18 days
  • 151-200k: 19-21 days


  • First 5k words: Free 
  • 5k-10k words: $5 
  • 11k-25k words: $10
  • 26k-50k words: $20
  • 50k-75k words: $30
  • 76k-100k words: $40
  • 101k-150k words: $60
  • 151k -200k words: $80
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About Me

Victorique Crawford

Lover of history regardless of time and place, interested in psychology and religion. Wish to live in a castle and time travel through books.
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