2019: New Year Resolutions

This is the year where I hope everything goes well. I had a rough road in 2018, as much as it really gave me a good idea just what I should be doing and how I should go around it. As much as I was glad 2018 was the year I let myself really finish something and them focus on editing. 

Here are my goals for the new year: 

  • Edit Arc One of Within A Grey Twilight 
  • Finish Arc Four of Within A Grey Twilight 
  • Finish Arc Three of A Maiden’s Strange Voyage 
  • Read 100 Books 
  • Do a discussion post every week 
  • Post an edited chapter each week (hopefully) 

2019 is the year I hope to find some semblance of success. And a step towards achieving my dreams. Further plans for is that I’ll be able to live off my writing by 2021, which is the year I’ll graduate from school and I’ll hopefullly be able to mostly write full time although I’ll definitely be doing more. I’ll also be trying to get my works published by 2021 as well. 

What are your goals for 2019? Leave them in the comments below.