Writing The Climax

The climax is something that I enjoy writing a lot. I have to admit it. Writing the climax has always been something interesting for me rather exciting as it is the time where I let everything payoff tie things up before leaving it there.

And contrary to what many might think, serials have them too. The moment the arc ends so that it can move onto the next. But it is a culminating plot point with space for future developments. Where I may only give a small portion of the answers and the revelations and there is still a lot more to them before leaving it as it is. The questions left would head to the next climax that I have in mind.

To many authors, this is something that they can feel sad over. Because it could mean saying goodbye to the main characters or that they put themselves through a rollercoaster while writing it. Some of them have put multiple climaxes, rather than have one point where everything happens. 

The climax is something that means a lot of different things to authors. But there are also climaxes which generally don’t seem to link up all that well to the story. 
The climax is something that can be difficult as it is easy. It can be satisfying as it is frustrating, perhaps a certain point is not working out well. Or something is lacking to tie two plot points together to ensure a smooth transition. Or it feels to jarring when compared to the middle.

For a first draft, those things are normal.

I had those moments too when I was writing them. Aware that I could have done a better job in wrapping the story up, or when a certain plot point could have used more development. And there were times when I feel as though I have left too many questions open or too little. It was something that I knew was normal to the writing process. 

Or when the climax wasn’t something that you had envisioned and didn’t work out as well. Or it doesn’t exactly fit with the development. It is normal for many to feel that way. Especially if it’s the first draft. The normal thing to do is to put it aside as the future drafts would be for you to figure out how to link all of it together. How to ensure that the development for the climax feels smooth and natural. 

What does the climax mean to you? And how do you deal if it isn’t something that you intended to do?