Developing A Writing Routine

I have a regular writing routine that has me churning out the ideal number of words and sometimes even earlier. For me, I keep to this as it has worked for me over a long time.
#1 Read Consistently
For me always consistently reading something is the most important thing of the situation. Reading, it is the bread and butter of writing. I have read a lot of books in everu genre, and it has really inspired me. If there was a word for it.
And I have always ensured that I have time to read. Anything really, although I try to ensure that I had one fiction book a week, even as I average around two to three.
If you feel overwhelmed or not having any idea, perhaps it’s time for a break or to read a little. Reading helps to enrich you, whether the book is bad, good, or otherwise. And regardless whether it’s fiction or nonfiction.
#2 Space out your writing time
This is another thing which I do. It can be a change, but instead of having my writing chunks into one bis section. I instead divided it into just perhaps two hours at most before I took a break from it.
It has helped my productivity a lot to meet my my goals. And at the same time not feel burnt out or overwhelmed. Spacing it out allowed me to forget a little and think about the new ways to come up with plot points.
It also means being able to divide your time. Figure out just how much time you can reasonably devote to this, and if there is any distractions to find a way to get around it. It is really about maximizing your time to the best extent. For a writer, time is indeed precious, so make sure that you have a routine that works and stick to it.
#3 Set goals
For me the best goals are weekly goals. Really chart the course of your next week, and even if you miss a day you have another to catch up. Or if you need a break you have the time for it.
I use it as an indicator, and a way to motivate myself. And that I could do things, or postpone them when it was necessary. And I’m ahead of my own schedule right now, leaving me plenty of time to think of more, focus on other things. And adjust when I have something new cropping up.
It can boost your morale, make up for lost time. And if your busy, figure out a new way to do things if it is necessary. And it is a checklist to guess whether I needed to add stuff or take it away.
Overall, this is what makes my writing routine and here are my tips for them.
How does your writing routine work?