My Process: Revising

The revision process is often one of my favorite times to work on a manuscript as it allows me to refine ideas that have been set and placed in the first draft.
It is also a moment where I better the sort of writing that I have done in the first draft. Providing more details, more description and clearing up any gaps. Having more description about the transition so that it feels smooth or elaboration.
It is also for me, a time to think about the plot holes and ways to fix them. And this was something which I highly enjoyed. Fixing everything to ensure that it becomes better. And to add onto the foreshadowing which I had not finished in the first draft.
This is the time when I’m really at the happiest and I add a lot more depth to the writing and the description. And the focus of mine is to ensure the world comes alive, and also fill in the larger picture which I would ignore for the first draft.
For me, the revision is still not about the writing. It is about the story and ensuring that it is tight and strong. And since I write a serial, I ensure that I write far ahead so that I can add on the appropriate details and flesh out the various plot points.
It is a time for me to bridge the different plot points together. To make sure that it’s more seamless, smooth and has the right amount of development.
As such, I always view the revision process as that. A time for me to really work on getting the story closer to the vision I had in my mind. And also to revise anything which I didn’t like in the first draft and of course any minor changes.