Your process is your own

Process to me, is often something personal. You don’t need to justify why you chose your process. And no one should ever tell you whether it’s wrong or right.

Only you truly have the right to make the changes. And these are my reasons why. Process is not always the same, or that writers can be sandboxed into identifiable forms.

#1 Each person is different

Each writer has a different voice and thus needs different things. Some writers must write with music, others won’t. Some must have a very specific environment, others simply commit to writing anytime they can get their hands on paper or an electronic.

As such, we all have a reason for why we do certain things. And for a writer, it can be paramount to ensuring that writing is done efficiently or it can make us want to give up.

#2 Each work can be different

Processes can change, as they would do overtime. Small, gradual changes rather than anything else. And as I could say that my process was different from even a year ago.

People change, and our works are often the ones which change us. A writer often readily adapts to the different sort of process needed, as it would be wrong not to follow what’s turning on the tap for us.

#3 Personal Reasons

Necessity is the mother of invention. And they always end up being the reason why we might do things a certain way. For most of my life, I didn’t listen to music when I was doing anything that required concentration.

Because I was a pianist, and a musician. And even as I’m dabbling in songwriting. Music was something that I could spend my time appreciating and listening to, rather than say serving as the background noise. It was always at the forefront for me.

And our circumstances can reflect how we write, and what is the specific things needed. I became a minimalist due to the home environment. Which didn’t see any place where I could truly call my own.

And these are the reasons why your process is indeed your own. And no one can tell you otherwise. Only you truly know yourself.