Is your work beyond the first draft, but not yet ready to be published or edited by a professional? 

I can help you figure out whether you need to head back to the drawing board or it’s ready for professional editors.

What qualifies me to just whether your work is ready?

I have read a wide range of books before which exposed me to what makes a good book such as whether your plot is tight, your characters are engaging, etc; and I have been exposed to the more technical sides of writing such as what to focus upon, whether the description is vivid the dialogue natural etc.

I will help you reach a step closer to your journey as a published author by giving you a critique, which would be based on my experience.

I am a good shot for authors looking for their first beta readers as I will be encouraging, honest, but also give good suggestions on how to improve the story. I accept all genres with the exception of erotica and non-fiction. 


  • First 5k words: Free 
  • 5k-10k words: $5 
  • 11k-25k words: $10
  • 26k-50k words: $20
  • 50k-75k words: $30
  • 76k-100k words: $40
  • 101k-150k words: $60
  • 151k -200k words: $80

Delivery Time:

  • Under 5k words: 2-3 days
  • 5k-10k words: 3-4 days
  • 11k-25k words: 4-6 days
  • 26k-50k words: 5-8 days
  • 51k-75k words: 7-10 days
  • 76k-100k:11-14 days
  • 101k-150k: 15-18 days
  • 151-200k: 19-21 days

To send a request, use the form below. Testimonials can be found after the form. Once all the slots have been filled, new manuscripts would be put on waiting list regardless of how long it is. Waiting time would depend on how fast I can finish the manuscript. 

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Her compliments and criticism helped me see big picture problems that needed to be addressed in my next revision, and she came through for me with great wait times and helpful comments!
In that case, I'd like to thank you for the feedback you provided on my novel, Equo. You highlighted several issues that I had previously been on the fence about, and I'm now much clearer on how to handle them. Your positive feedback was similarly constructive. All in all, I am very glad to have received your help, and would recommend you to other writers in my position.
Mark Gerry
I love running my written creations through betareaders. Armed with various skill sets, each one experiences the story through a different perspective, resulting in a wide range of feedback. Victorique has an exceptional ability to feel into the story, showing me ways that I can fill out my characters and pointing out areas that don't work. I envy her vivid imagination and am so grateful for being able to utilize it to strengthen my novels.
Dave Aneo
Victorique's feedback was extremely helpful in knowing what worked for my novel and what needed more revisions. Not only did she provide feedback on plot, character development, and pacing, she also gave me great insight into the emotional side of my story and pointed out places where I could deepen the reader's emotional connection with my characters. I will definitely be using her again when I need another beta reader!
Lora Gallman
Dawning Moon's prompt review immediately got to the heart of my manuscript, with insightfulness, directness, and sensitivity.
Dawn was my first beta reader. She's a very involved reader and really gets into the characters- questioning behavioural inconsistencies in certain characters whilst highlighting what she likes about others. Her critique on plot development and pacing has also been invaluable. Above all, she does not forget to be kind and encouraging- invaluable traits to authors at the stage of getting their work beta-read!
Hajar Ali
Dawning Moon/Victorique was clear and honest with her feedback, providing in-depth criticism on what lacked, such as deeper character motivations and vivid setting, along with suggestions on how to improve upon those issues. I’m glad to have worked with her, and I’ll no doubt be returning in the future to do so again.
K. A. Turin
Dawning was a very prompt but thorough reader for my short story. I appreciated the notes they left on my writing, and it will be of use for me when I begin revisions. I can recommend Dawning as a beta reader for anyone who wants a solid, thorough review of their work.
A. W. Cardiff
If you're looking for a fast, honest Beta read, I recommend Dawning Moon. Dawning's critiques are terse and efficient. She zeroes in on the story elements that worked for her and those that don't. Dawning's suggestions are broad, but show a deep literary sensibility
Alex Austin
Victorique's feedback was timely, honest, and thorough. I appreciated all of the suggestions she provided for improvement as well!
Megan Mertz
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