Bonus Chapters

Chapters that are part of companion volumes, which is filled with extras during the main story that don’t fit anywhere or deal more with the past. Pledge to see content that takes place in between the plot, to know more about the world and the lore. 

Read Ahead

You can read ahead of the normal person if you pledge, by one or two chapters although it would remain the same for all else. 

First Drafts

Take a look into the first drafts of any singular work, way before they become what is seen in the published chapters. Which includes plenty of details which is cut when I reach the edits, or original ideas which I change in the revision stage.

Edited Chapters

Edited chapters are revised versions of the volumes, which have been more polished and published. Pledge to see them and see the journey from a first draft to a publication ready volume. 

A critique service for fiction stories; focusing on the story elements, such as plot, characterization, and themes.

Find out more about the service by clicking the button below. 

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