The Many Ways To End Your Work

Now that you have reached the end, perhaps you have some questions. How do you want to end the work? It is a big thing, even as there are many endings down there. 

And here are some of them:

#1 Happily Ever After 

This is a happy ending. Where everything goes well and ends well. Where the heroes achieve their goals no sweat and find what they want. It works very well if the story you’re telling is meant for kids, or it feels justified. 
But as always, be warned that this can make everything seem unrealistic. Particularly if the story is a lot more dark, or ambiguous in nature. Don’t fret, there are other endings for that. 

#2 Unhappy Ending 

An unhappy end might be where the hero doesn’t achieve his goal, but he might gain something else in the end. Or realize that he was seeking something foolish. 
This could work well if the main character had been pursuing something that looks good on paper but doesn’t in reality. Or realizes the importance of something else. An unhappy end can also mean that they abandon their objective because something else is better. 

It can be shown to see how a character has grown, or as a way to warn others of certain things. 

#3 Tragic Ending

This is where they gain their objective. But it doesn’t mean that it goes well. They can lose something that can be so important to them. Or they changed realize that this was not what they have sought. 

This can work well with a villain protagonist. Someone who has a downward spiral no matter what, and someone whom you love to see them rise but know that they would still suffer the consequences of their own actions.

Or if you hint at it from the very beginning, a tragedy. Either way, this is an ending that has to be done well or it just looks strange. Or abrupt.

#4 Bittersweet Ending

This can be one of my favorite endings. It is to have your characters do what’s right, but there’s a catch to it. Certain things would have to be given up. 
Or rather a choice they have to make. It has to be something that the hero knows of and lives with. Such as perhaps he defeats the dark lord but perhaps becomes disabled as a result. 

#5 Open Ending

The open ending is the ending where nothing is tied up. It is something that works best with literary fiction where it may not need such an ending. The open ending is the hardest to pull off because of the ambiguity in the story. 

So keep in mind that this would not be very well received, except expertly done. And drawing back to the main themes of your story. 

So these are the different endings, pick one which suits your story the best. Or feels that it helps to tell your story’s message. What is your story’s ending?