The Benefit of Writing Websites

Writing websites has been the thing among many emerging writers. A place for us to grow, share and learn from each other. To me, I have used many writing websites as I went along. And even as of now, I’m still using writing websites.
There are many benefits to using them, and here are some of those benefits.
#1 Gets you into writing regularly
Wattpad got me into writing regularly, and eventually daily. It is the reason why my process is as productive as it is and that it forces me to think of why I’m writing it. Which can’t be said if I’m writing offline. This may not work for all, but having readers is an incentive to continue writing.
And sometimes if you feel as though you can’t commit and you stop somewhere, maybe you can post it online or anywhere else.
It has worked for me to even improve my writing and ensuring that each chapter had something for me to work with. There are downsides but for the most part, if you’re beginning and finding it tough to commit you can consider joining a writing website to get you writing.
#2 Learn to be more confident and patient
Writing websites even to gain popularity takes time. You need to be on there for a while, posting consistently. But above all, you still need to ensure your work is top notch. And if anything, it has gotten me to be more confident about who I was. And also at the same time, learn that patience can get you far.
And also understand that your writing needed a lot of work. I still realize it now, even as I focus upon making structural edits and just ensure that it is still readable.
#3 Make writer friends
This is important. It gets you connected to other writers who can support you. And that is the most important thing. Having friends who are writers and understand what you’ve been through is important. And especially if you receive feedback for the first time or are intending to look for a critique partner. Having writing friends will help you when you are doing that for the first time.
And for encouragement and also help if you need them. This is an important part of writing websites, as much as you can do it with a writing group or a community online. And I can say the most important.
To me here are some of the benefits which I gained from writing websites and honestly it still remains a big catalyst in my writing from now on. It has helped me in my writing journey.
Would you join a writing website? Why or why not?