What are my main sources of inspiration?

Inspiration is what we live upon. That is the truth of being a writer. All beginning with a single spark, one which begins all our ideas and one which leads us to work.

Inspiration to me, has always been one where I’m the active person. I always end up seeking it actively because I know full well that it won’t come in abundance either.

And to me, here are my main sources of inspiration.

#1 Music

Music has always been the main thing. Just the song itself could bring an idea to life, even as I have been playing with it for a few days or perhaps even a month.

Hunting the right song is always rather high on my list, as it can continuously give me inspiration and a clear idea on where to go from there. Music can be a very significant factor, although I would rarely listen to it while writing.

#2 Life

Personal experiences grow your viewpoint, and your perspective is what makes you who you are. How I was raised, my wife experiences has translated a lot into my writing style.

Giving it a distinctive flair, and a clear voice. Embracing the experiences that made me who I am has made my writing stronger and taught me to listen to my mind on where to head. And of course, trust in my characters to know what they are doing.

It has lead me to strange places and most definitely has influenced me positively. And as I embraced it, I saw that my work was truly something that almost no one else would really write.

#3 History

Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Although for me, it is very much a personal interest.

And history has a lot of colorful figures, and some of which inspired me. And some of which were so fascinating, it was a rabbit hole itself.

History has been a really important influence on it. As people tend not to learn anything until of course, it literally faces them right in the face or it can be a completely end.

Inspiration for me, comes from these three sources primarily. What about you?

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