Learning Patience

Patience is something that writers need to have. Where is is laboring over words for years on end, in writing as I learned it is best to work slow and steady.

Patience is also always something to learn if you have just begun. As most of the time, you’ll be thankful for waiting one or two years or until you really feel ready or have something truly good before publishing or querying.

If I look back last year, I would certainly agree that it was not something I would want out there as a finished product.

When I was writing to finish a work as soon as possible, I often realized that I never really had any idea or really spent the time thinking about what I wanted it to be.

Having patience allowed me to really focus on what sort of story I wanted to tell. To really narrow into the details, build my work and rethink my plot or characters should there be a need to.

And sometimes realize that if it is heading nowhere, it is time for a change in how it goes. Naturally, being more patient would have had me to avoid that. And as I wrote more and more, I simply learned this trait.

Patience is also something an author must and always have. Whether you’re traditionally published or otherwise. The former can have you waiting for months before the release. And the later is knowing when to push things back so that you won’t be sacrificing quality for quantity.

Working slow and steady has been the best for me in slowly making my works a lot more in depth than if I did not and allowing me to really see how everything fits into the bigger picture.

Patience is something that a writer needs to have, whether they’re just starting out or already finished.

3 thoughts on “Learning Patience

    1. I agree, as I stuck to something and finally finished it because of time. And then I’ll be taking a break to sort out the first draft and hopefully figure it out and rearrange the plot so that it will start to make sense. And yes, time helps me develop a lot of ideas and that’s important for my current piece of work which has been in my mind for a couple of months at least.