Writing Everyday

Writing everyday is something I do, and perhaps something that not all authors do. But to me, writing everyday is very important to making sure that you can continue to churn out words.

It is something that I can do now, as I’m just a regular teenage girl and also a student. I have the time to commit to this and why I do it. Simply because I don’t have a lot of responsibilities now, and feel that if there is any better time it is truly now. Where I’m about as free as possible.

It is fine if you can’t or find it hard. But for those who want to try, here are some of my tips.

#1 Keep It Small

I would say that if you want to balance this while still writing everyday, you’ll probably get the idea of keeping the writing time short and sweet.

You don’t want to spend hours just looking at the screen and realize that you have just wasted your day. For me, I still have schoolwork to work around, other commitments as well.

So I learn to keep it short, to allow me time to write in short bursts or to simply plan things out if I don’t feel like writing.

#2 Set Goals Which Are Flexible

This is also important. You don’t need a hard goal, you can if you want. But from what I learned, allowing yourself room to breathe is important.

Goals which are rigid can be a detriment especially when you have life and things just can’t be done. Having a more flexible goal would really allow you to catch up in case things go wrong, or life just gets to you.

And also allows you to still feel confident, on track or ahead of your game. Something that every writer needs whether they’re writing the first draft, or revising or editing.

#3 Find Your Time

The last one is to experiment with your time. Find when are you the most productive. And perhaps in the future, adapt to such a routine.

I have to admit that by having a routine I took better care of myself than if I did not. Since I got adequate sleep and rest times. And allowing me that really prevented me from getting sick, which is something as I learned really frustrating when writing. Or any time for that matter.

But finding your time means it’s when you’re at your best when the words just come up and you have all sorts of ideas as compared to say trying to come up with ways to write. And I always realize that it is when I have nothing else to do, and I simply let myself go loose.

These are my ways of getting myself to write everyday and continue to do so without finding it exhausting, what about yours?

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