Character Traits: Charisma

Charisma definition:

compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.

Charisma is the art of inspiring others to follow you. Something that can be turned around, and also something that can be used for good.As they say, the pen is mightier than the sword. The ability to convince is worth a lot more than force. Because the latter is never going to yield great results while the former, if done well, can lead to almost cult like devotion.And why many countries eventually turned to propaganda, to persuade them to their ideals. Instead of say, coercion. Because it will never work.And for it to work, first and foremost, it needs to have appeal. And charisma, is merely turning that appeal and humanizing it to those. To have them think that they belong, that their support means something. By appealing to us, telling us a very specific story, or a perspective. An argument that gets us on their side.It is always a human trait, because it simply doesn’t make sense for an object to have it. Simply because we like an object for its usefulness, it’s meaning to us. But we are the ones which make meaning of them.And charisma can be applied to the abstract and the concrete all the same.Think of it as present in the salesman who gets you to buy their product. The valedictorian who gave a great speech. A CEO who has convinced many to buy what he wants. A politician who had been elected to high office. A priest who convinces you that religion is a vital part of your life.These are all done through the act of convincing, and that is charisma. We all don’t like to be forced to do something against our own will after all.This is the first in a series of blog posts, explaining character traits through their meanings, definitions and how it is used.