Character Traits: Wisdom

Wisdom definition:

the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise

This is often something that is the same with intelligence. But are definitely different as compared to say wits, as this is based more in experience and acquiring such knowledge through that.Wisdom is something that few protagonists should start out with, but would usually end up with plenty of them. It’s a trait better suited to say supporting characters, or only emerges in the late story.Even if it is included, it needs to be used very sparingly so that the main character still had obstacles. Or to the benefit because the story isn’t going to scale up, but move from an established point.Wisdom is present in any one who has experienced something in their lives and formed an opinion about it. It is about understanding or comprehending and making a good decision based on what they knows.Just like how you would hire someone. You can’t just look at one aspect but the whole package. Or during a relationship itself. Wisdom is itself making a good decision, or picking then based on clear sound logic and also understanding of the various factors.Or combining it with emotions to give a solid clear solution to their problems. Logic and Reason can only work if it does not include people, which is far from the case.Where we are emotional and not always rational. That is the fact of life. In its own ways, to not know is the greatest weakness, simply because you can’t fight what you don’t know. Or even know what to expect.And wisdom is always to know, to experience and to understand. And using that very same knowledge to make a good decision when it is needed.