Character Traits: Courage

Courage definition:

Strength in the face of pain and grief

The definition itself gives a very good idea on what it means. And also a little more than what many might assume.Courage isn’t exactly recklessness, it isn’t running headfirst into danger. But making a right decision even when it’s hard for them to do so, and that takes courage.And even when it would cause them pain, they would still choose to do the right thing. It is the ability to be strong even when it is difficult for them to do so.As you can see, it is something that can be easily done or given a real mental struggle if done well. Making them really struggle on what they should do when the alternative, even no matter how strong it is upon deeper thought seem like a better solution.Even if it is one that will never resolve anything. And the other is make a choice which would affect them in a bad way.Or for them to find another way, no matter how hard it is. This can make the story a lot more fascinating simply because they are not going to be finding a solution easily, or they have to find one that works for them. Or one where the price seems acceptable.Or choose between two very very difficult choices. That itself shows courage as they are choosing make a choice, either by paying the price or going through the trouble of engineering another solution in a problem that many will deem impossible or just only one.It can vary from character to character, but courage is something that often comes later in the story. Where they finally choose how they are going to resolve the story, either in a series or a book.