Having A Writing Space

A writing space is a space set aside for writing. When a writer goes to and they start work. Many can really debate the importance of one, and the fact that some might not.

But to me, there are clear benefits to having such a space. And here are some of them.

#1 You are more productive

Think of it this way when you’re writing at times that goes according to your mood, the results can vary. Sometimes you can be productive, other times you just realized that you can’t write even a coherent paragraph.

That also depends on the sort of surroundings you’re in. Sure, you may get sick of such a place eventually. But you can simply adjust it mildly to suit you, depending on what you feel. Rather than just writing in whatever place, be it a noisy night club, a musical or just at home.

The results may vary depending on what you get, and if you have goals and deadlines you have to meet, you might consider finding that sweet location which you are at your best creatively.

#2 Time Management

We obviously can’t be dedicating all our time to writing. We still have to take care of our living, spend time with friends and sometimes even work.

This means that time is tight, and we need to maximize what we can give of it to writing. And thus, having a writing space would allow you to really just sit down and focus with no distractions or interruptions.

But this was something I realized as I went along. That having such a place helped me a lot in hitting all of those goals, one by one. And eventually got me to where I am where I am churning out 4k words a week, and possibly more for the near future.

2 thoughts on “Having A Writing Space

    1. I would really agree with it as well, since having one helped me. As much as it also changed with me writing in anywhere which was quiet with free time.