Character Trait: Earnest

Earnest definition:

resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction.

Being earnest and honest can be rather different. Even as they have a similarity. But earnest as above, means that they are true to their word or about something.And this is something that is often highly prized. Even as the reality is as far from the truth as it is possible. That many people won’t show this sincerity.And as we can guess, the rarer it is the more loved it is when it is found. And in our stories, we often do prefer to see things that are good. And things that are represented in such a way.But sincerity is often more than just words. And as they say, actions speak louder than words. Just like how we would show up early, or do more work or stay later if we want the job. And if not, it’s the bare minimum.Someone who is truly sincere would likely also have a real reason why. Humans are selfish, that is just something that is fundamental to us.To get us to go that far has a reason. Desperation is often the greatest driver to rather insane deeds, or to kick the protagonist into high gear. Which makes the story actually interesting.And to many of us, we would remain skeptical of someone who goes this far. Just like how in real life without really walking through their shoes, we would simply raise an eyebrow and dismiss them as antics. Not as calculated decisions that they choose because it’s the best of what they were given.Being earnest these days is difficult, it can be draining and unrewarding. Especially when it doesn’t reap the results. But in a story, it can be a reason why the plot keeps rolling even as the world inside is all crashing down.