Character Traits: Vivacious

Vivacious definition:

(especially of a woman) attractively lively and animated.

Being vivacious is a trait that is often of a young woman, and used to describe someone who really is likeable and incredibly intellectually active in some way.

This is a trait that is often a good thing even as to me, this lies in the eye of the beholder. Some people would find it charming, others off putting. This is quite subjective in terms of where it is.

And I would really think that it isn’t something that is very encompassing. Just like how we judge people. Some things turn us off, other things keep us around. We all build our circles around something.

And vivacious is a very subjective trait on its own. Although it usually means that someone would have to really be lively, and of course curious.

Not really being the life of a party. But always having that sense of enthusiasm about them. Something that they can fake, but is also something that is rather true.

And in most cases as we imagine is the young girl who is active, and we really like her in a very specific sense. Although this doesn’t seem to be used for men nearly as much.

Although in writing this just isn’t something that has a very clear definition, or a clear way to express it. Other than showing that they are very vibrant in life, but the definition ranges from person to person. And thus depends on the author’s personal tastes and perspective.

But of course, they must really be walking around, talking to people to be counted as vivacious.