Character Traits: Impatient

Impatient definition:

having or showing a tendency to be quickly irritated or provoked

It is a trait which many would think of it as relatively negative. Or commonly used as a flaw, as it can be both positive or negative.A positive thing is when they choose to use it positively. And becoming proactive. Instead of letting things happen to them, they simply choose to take control of their entire life.And choose to do something that pushes the book forward. Regardless of whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. But a protagonist should be the character who has the most importance.And most importantly, they need to do something that effects the story. And this is a trait which can be found in quite a couple of them. Since you would have to be unable to wait to choose to do something really crazy or something that most would not.And impatience can be a good thing. Or a really bad one. It can be the one thing that destroys your protagonist and if it is in the antagonist, the same could be said. This is a natural flaw, something that we can’t do much about except keep on trying to overcome.And to see how they struggle against doing something they know is fairly rash. And they know that it is their best option. Or they can’t wait, or they know that it most likely could not. Or rather they just can’t stop themselves from taking the plunge.Or it can can get them to make enemies, or realize that it becomes necessary for them to really do something. Or get them into trouble.This is very much a negative trait, but perhaps in the story, it can positively effect it. In a way that few other traits can, especially when it just needs a push for everything to make sense. As a character’s biggest draw is always through their actions. And often, their actions are ones we know to never undertake in real life. But it is what makes the story exciting after all.