Execution is everything

Ideas are always reused but how it is executed rarely is. The same way that even till now with many stories being rehashed in terms of their plot points, their notes.All that makes you stand out and feel amazing is how it is executed. And of course, including a bit of yourself in the process.

Execution can take a rather stale story, a fairytale that many of us know by heart and turn it into something new. Gives it meaning in a way that we don’t expect it to. Or tell the story through another perspective one which would benefit from being the main person as well.

That’s why we allow authors to mess with another author’s world once it has been long enough, or why we allow retellings to happen.It is that way because we know that the ideas don’t really matter, otherwise we would have chosen to patent every single idea. It all lies in how it is treated, how the ideas are brought to life, or become a real tangible source of work.And that’s why I said that execution is everything.

We already have everything thought of written under the sun, whether it is good, bad or both. All that keeps changing is the way we write it.

And the values that change over time, or in the different people who author works. Our values and beliefs always unconsciously go into our works. Whether we realize it or not. And that is the way we make each work distinct.

The elements and choices we use, to the way the story is handled, the themes, the plot as well as the way our characters are written. These are what we use to really distinguish ourselves.And thus goes back to impeccable execution. Where the characters are active, natural without feeling forced. Where the plot and themes are well woven into the story.

And at the end of the day even the most intriguing or unique idea would fall apart if it was not handled with care and understanding of the work. So, indeed execution is everything.