How do you show instead of tell?

Show not tell is the advice all writers would give to new ones. And it is largely justified in why it is given.Showing enriches the story, allows for the writing to really make the readers care about what is happening. Showing is making our readers experience what is happening, while telling is simply giving a rough summary of what has happened.The former would still be more interesting, wouldn’t it?Because it brings us to their level, and makes us understand them in a way that otherwise we would not. It is truly showing us why that really makes us care and matter.Because telling is distant. It distances us from the story, because it has already happened. In a story as we learned, we do not want that at all. We want it to be the present, to have the interesting things take place in the pages of the book.And to me, here are some ways to show instead of tell.#1 Describe This is the most obvious choice. When something is happening, describe it. Describe just what is happening, the details of it.Especially when it matters and just elaborate slightly when it does not. Description is the best way to really go on to enrich the story. Give an idea what is happening and where it’s happening. All in moderation but a right amount would help to immerse the reader into the world.#2 Write The Scenes If there are mentions of some important events consider elaborating on it. Show those scenes and what happens. Unless you are in a first person narrative, and in most cases I tend not to use them until I’m sure that the main character is there for all the key scenes.Because it is always best to show important elements or thing which would benefit it. Mentioning it later can just give an idea of what happened, but not necessarily be entertaining to read.Just like how we would dislike long paragraphs of things about the main character. We prefer to be shown them.#3 DifferentiateEven when we tell, it can be.”There was a house.”And compare it to this.”It was a simple cozy cottage. Made of bricks. With a small garden at the front, filled with flowers, and a few windows.”That paints a totally different picture. And that is the change if it is necessary. To go deeper and paint a nicer picture.

And these to me are some of the ways that you can show instead of tell.

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