Character Traits: Ruthless

Ruthless definition:

having or showing no pity or compassion for others.

This is a trait often used in stories that talk a lot about politics, schemes and when of course it talks about running a country or a fight for power.But why is it so? Because being ruthless is sometimes necessary to be a good politician, a good leader. You have to make the hard decisions, one which can make you gain or lose everything.And knowing just what must be done and taking the necessary steps. There is often little compassion if you’re going to be running a country.You can’t put the needs of a few beyond the common good. And yet if you do that, you run the risk of truly discarding the rest or becoming a tyrant. Or someone who pushes their agenda single-mindedly without thinking of what others thought.Ruthless is the ability to do something that can be absolutely horrifying without any sense of pity. It also means that there is very little enjoyment in it.And thus, it is not a trait which delights in pain of others. Maybe they might see it as necessary, something that they were forced to as opposed to say, doing it because they wanted to.There is that minor difference. And why ruthlessness has been seen in antiheroes, simply because it is not wrong to need to do it, but different to enjoy it.This is also a distinction between them and heroes. Heroes would abhor this at all costs, they would not want to do it if at all. While people who are ruthless are willing to do this, simply because it is the best course of action. Or the best choice in a series of really bad choices.In a way, this is a trait that can be neutral or negative, depending on the context which it is used.