The different kinds of editing

Editing is a fairly large process. An early writer is often overwhelmed by the things they have to do when they first finish the first draft. Except that their stories really really need work.

And to me, there are many many different kinds of editing. And many different ways to do it. And here to me are some of them.

#1 Rewriting

Something that some people might do is just rewrite. And mostly add things that they left out in the first draft.

There are a lot of things that we don’t know until we are at that stage.And is a great way to keep the language fresh so that you won’t be sick of your work when you’re done.

Although I don’t know who really isn’t no matter how much they love their work.I mostly rewrite as it keeps my attention in it while trying something different or seeing where the changes I wanted to bring in leads me. And helps if you wish to stick to most of the details except that you’re unsure how deep it is or what is necessary and what isn’t.

#2 Revising\Developmental Edit

This is where you will roll up your sleeves to fix the issues. I conflate this by rewriting, revising certain plot points and introducing certain elements which I think is better to be introduced early.It is working a lot with the content of the story. And trying to make sure the story is at the best it is. Helping to develop ideas.

A writer usually can do this with critique partners, sometimes even editors. Although I do it alone, mostly because it is a time for me to straighten the ideas out as much as possible.

#3 Line Edits The time to really get down and look into every sentence. Trying to make it fit, and smoothly too. This is where you try and fine tune the writing.And often, this is something that writers might consider doing later after the story is almost complete or the errors are quite minor.

Since you should not fine tune things that might be discarded later on when you realize it doesn’t fit.The name is a really apt as you know what it is for.

#4 Proofreading

Fixing up any grammatical errors and formatting. This is largely that. Often different mostly because line editing is tightening your writing, making it sound better while proofreading is to check whether it makes sense. Mostly from a technical viewpoint.

Here are some of the different types of editing, and that it can very much be in stages. Where the writer is taking the first draft, a pure passion project to a real thing that be published and sold.