Character Traits: Tactless

Tactless definition:

having or showing a lack of skill and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues

This is largely bringing often controversial topics into play and not dealing them with the knowledge that it may destroy friendships and relationships.This can be when they bring up an uncomfortable event in the past, or something that matters a lot to them. Different people have different sort of values, ideas. And the only reason why we are not at each other’s throats even when we may see things differently, or be able to disagree respectfully is because we deal with tact.Without it, we see the person is likely to destroy relationships in reality. We don’t really need that for a mere difference of opinion.Unless of course this is a trait of the character that they can’t shake off. Or that they do it intentionally or for some reason. Or for specific topics or moment.Either way, being tactless would likely get us into trouble in real life. Or break relationships unnecessarily. Especially for things which is left down to personal belief and trust.Or it could be teaching them a powerful and important lesson. Where they can’t do this, just because they believe strongly and should rather exercise careful judgement on this. Things that should be handle with care but generally are not.And this can cause a lot of trouble. And consequences and also causing them to act and accept it or just reject it. Either way, being tactless can make our life rather difficult. It can also make people less accepting of us and less willing to accommodate us.Overall, being tactless is largely negative. At least socially, but in terms of actual harm, it can be little. But the little things can always change the world. Just look at history.