Should readers only leave 5 stars review?

This had been largely a question mostly because I happen to be a writer who once got harassed by an author. Simply because I left it at a rating. And she had called me a horrible reviewer and suggested that it was because her other readers disliked it.It was one of the most terrifying experiences. Even as I continued to review for a short while afterwards before I dropped it. Mostly out of situations when I was thinking about it.This had led me back to this topic. As leaving reviews are sensitive. We get hurt easily, and in some cases we wish to wipe these sort of reviews from the face of the earth.But I believe that we can learn from it. Strongly. We can learn from this as well. And sometimes we just need to learn from this sort of feedback.And by embracing it, we show that we are truly ready to learn. Which is very much the life of a writer. We have to keep on learning, remaking and always accepting that what’s out there is out there.And for others, to learn that we should never publish until we are confident about our works as a whole. And that we see the possibility of it working out.Readers also shouldn’t need to be pressured. As many readers tend to mistrust works that have a rating of above 4.5, much less 5. The reviews at the end of the day are for the reader and not the author.All authors do is read and if you don’t want to do that, you’re free to turn off the notifications and let the readers sort it amongst themselves. A good book would have its detractors.Mostly because taste is incredibly subjective. The ability to laugh it off is important.But doesn’t it matter if the reader simply didn’t like it as a preference. Then, shouldn’t they just not review it?Reviews are opinion after all, and what a reader disliked is what someone else would love about the book. So, having a wide range of opinions means that the book is picked up by the audience that it wants to go to and people who are not leave it alone or just give their opinion.But we should never ever silence the reader for their opinion. That is not free speech after all.