Character Traits: Spiteful

Spiteful definition:

showing or caused by malice.

Mostly something that can be considered done with ill-intent. Although it always has a reason as to why it is so. No one ever does anything for no reason. Even those whom you claim to be from nothing. Or uncontrollable impulses tend to be of desire.

And fueling our hatred against villains who do things because of plot. Because no one would really do anything entirely for no reason. There is always something behind that action.

Since it’s one that risks us as people. Even for this with good intentions, we join in when it makes sense to us. Most of our actions are chosen based on how it benefits us and our own personal beliefs. Very little of it is because of reasons.

And why spite can be an interesting way to shine a light on who they are or what is deep inside. It doesn’t excuse them. But makes them more human, or at least understand them. That girl who does her best to get to other people, or a boy who seems to make his life all about tormenting others.

Sometimes there are deeper reasons why. And underlying them, and why so many families who come from poverty and disadvantages situations struggle with breaking out. Because a lot of them are trying to cope, or do things because they are very much limited by their choices.

Being spiteful means that we do something malicious intentionally. It can be small, or big. But usually, this isn’t anything to suggest that they are pure evil. Maybe someone who did it to get back at another, or a desire to see others hurt.

Or to kick someone down, or perhaps rub salt into wounds. That is what we may think more of spite, rather than say carefully arranging everything to ensure that it all comes together to punish this one person who slighted them. That falls a little more into diabolical.

And in antiheroes it can be interesting. Or even in heroes who have this as their traits. This is something that when thought about it can be something that is a flaw. I have a certain love for those who are spiteful because this is like a reaction to say maybe that annoying elder sibling of yours. Whom you really would like to get back at.

It isn’t kind, but those are things that relate to us in a way that few others have or would. We get those things as it is a normal part of life, we interact with people whom we dislike, but have to put on a good front for, but one day would really like to get even.

And that is often what goes behind spite.

This would be the last post for character traits, for now. More in the future.

2 thoughts on “Character Traits: Spiteful

    1. From my own opinion, I certainly also think so. Spite is a great characteristic to have and I do apply it to a lot of my own villains too, that all of it in some way was related to spite.