My History: 2015-2016

2015 was the head I began writing at least seriously. Or started trying. I fell in love with reading ever since I was a child, and had a slightly larger imagination. That by this point, it had gotten into a relatively huge thing.

I flirted with it in early 2015 too scribbling in my first notebook an idea that will stay with me and become Within A Grey Twilight. Back then it was virtually unrecognizable in a way that I can say that it morphed with me as I read more, grew more and eventually gained more experience.

But my first brush with writing came from a teacher. I flirted with the idea, countless times. Even once signing up to do a fanfiction that I will never get to.

But it was at this point that I got my first serious idea. The idea that would become Within A Grey Twilight would not be shaped into a real story, something I did for fun simply because I wanted to. That was mid 2015 around April or May, where I really wanted to try.

It was a dystopian, mostly because I read Divergent and mostly The Hunger Games. It would not be the genre I wrote in, but it got me into original fiction.

Although I never made it pass the second chapter. Concurrently, I started another work, it was called Cursed Console. The title really explained it and I did actually write it but again I don’t think I made it past a few chapters.

As well as working on the original work that would go onto be Within A Grey Twilight.

But those laid the groundwork for me to really write original fiction. Although I will not seriously attempt it until November of 2015, a full half a year.

Although in the meantime, I worked one one more idea in August of 2015, the rather short lived Bracelet of Transportation which also never made it past the third chapter.

The idea came from working on an art exam that I would not pass, but strangely inspired something in me. Which would go onto be The Inheritance Curse. The story would never be finished and years later be one of the things I never talked about and faded fully from my writing. I did attempt to follow through, but in November I was hopeful and exceptionally eager.

It didn’t really work out well personally for me, but it was when I was seriously committed to the story.

And of course, this is where it ends, a short introduction on my writing, when it kinda began and also did not. I think because back then I was unused to writing and thus it took me a while to really start writing regularly. 2016 and onwards was a far more prolific period for me.

A series of blog posts about my history and here it lead me. This is mainly about my Wattpad journey, and it’ll still feature prominently until 2019 onwards.