Expectations of a Genre: Urban Fantasy

If anything urban fantasy is a lot about things hiding in the city. Things that can’t be explained. In a way that makes it good to be in a city when it is impossible to know every little creek or person.

I lived in a city all my life and I can still tell you safely that I still don’t know a lot about it. Even as it is possible to move the setting out of the city but it is always the sense of mystery there.

And urban is the name, which suggests that it is a city. Due to the whole rural vs urban divide. Although it is a lot more embracing of things now.

And more often than not, the fantasy here have an often very paranormal touch. But it is always added with a mystery, and of course romances.

Even as I never cared for it much, although in my earlier years I did attempt. Although not exactly fitting into the whole urban fantasy genre, except for one which in it own way had truly done so. Only upon me actually digging out what they should have.

And they can cross over with paranormal, and in some cases if there is a lot of explicit content will be marketed as such. Just in case of parents who think that it should be specifically as such.

It is still a very broad definition that can be really subverted or changed well enough.

Works: Magic Bites, Anita Blake

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2 thoughts on “Expectations of a Genre: Urban Fantasy

  1. In my mind, urban fantasy also means a modern setting. It’s that detail in particular that I am not fond of. I like Anne Rice’s early vampire books, which certainly influenced the urban fantasy genre, but these take place mostly in the past and are thus more like historical fantasy.