My History: 2016-2017

When I ended off, I mentioned about how the end of 2015 was when I began to write my first serious work. To begin with, it probably never lasted more than say a month or two. And then I rewrote it, and then left it alone for a while because I got some great ideas.

The Inheritance Curse would later on find itself as Book of Mystics, for some strange reason. That has faded from my memory but it would be shifted probably around February to March since I was busy requesting the cover then.

And then I had a short sprint with Visions of the Past, which is a story about a very typical urban fantasy world. Not the most perfect although it did get me one step closer to figuring out that I really needed to be better when it came to picking ideas.

And I would pick up Spirit Seer, which would make it past the tenth chapter at last. But also not outlasting since I also rewrote it a little a month or two later and another round, before it just went to the back of my mind somewhere in September.

And finally, came the first idea that would be resembling Within a Grey Twilight although it would take a long while before I would actually write it.

But for the first half of 2016, the focus was on those two works. One of it was about a witch running from her past and her brother. The other was about a girl trying to balance her life with ghost hinting. And at the beginning I kicked off with

Visions of the past which was about ghosts and ghost hunting. Somehow I feel that Visions of the past and Spirit Seer were linked. But how is no longer really something that I clearly remember.

Neither of which would get me really far and I would really abandon. And teach me the lesson that I should pick my ideas wisely.

And in May 2016 I started a work which should stay with me till now. I had given in after a long hard half a year at exams, struggling and then deciding that it was time to do that.

Actually I only really got the idea to do so after watching Nirvana in Fire, which got me into the world of court intrigue. And made me really interested in it, back then Within A Grey Twilight had a ton of things which made it more similar with epic fantasy than the combination of historical, fantasy and mystery it is today.

Within A Grey Twilight actually was the first work which I never reworked until I finished the first draft. Sure a radically different version would emerge just a month or two after I did finish the first draft. But I never did it until then.

It was purely a work that pivotal, probably because of how dear it was to me. It has been in my mind for quite a while, on off when compared to the others when I wrote the ideas down as they were fresh. And making tons and tons of notebooks of ideas which I would never really use once I judged it.

But I never did finish it this year, even as it was a year where I got started. I didn’t write very fast or even much, or go anywhere near the level I did later on.

But I was writing regularly, and joined a writing group which I would only be an active member for two years.

And one day I picked up a challenge the group issued in October 2016: to write a story outside of the genre you’re used to.

I picked historical romance, mostly because I had watched a couple of imperial Chinese dramas. And got some ideas for it, a Tang dynasty China historical romance.

At that time it was named A Maiden’s Ballad. But it would lay the groundwork of A Maiden’s Strange Voyage, albeit it is a radically different form.

2016 was not the year I finished any works, but it was the year that I started to listen to my own thoughts more and base them less upon works that really got me addicted. (For good reason since I probably have a much less thrilling view of them now.)

Join me for the next year where for once I finished something, and my final year of being less discretionary with my ideas.