Expectations of a Genre: YA Fantasy

The realm of YA fantasy for is often difficult. Often because the tropes of YA itself is plenty and a lot of them has earned a lot of disdain. Although today I’m serving you in the section of YA epic fantasy.

And also where I began when I first started reading this really small subgenre. And you learn how even the slightest adjustment of ones makes a difference.

In most cases, this definition has very much broadened recently. At least from what I have seen come out. Although these are the outliers as opposed to the normal.

But it is often known that this is a genre where the characters should be teenagers or young adults as well.

Also, romance. One is preferred these days too, since two and beyond got some really bad rep that has never shaken that most just decided that one is the best. Although again, you’re free to do it.

And these days, it is a lot less about swords. Even after reading books that were disappointing, and a lot of them which fitted nicely into this genre.

Not so much focused on swords, but sometimes about courts and of course who can deny it. And magic. A lot of magic preferably.

Also preferably quite a fair bit of myths, and also a chance for a romance to develop. And they include a lot of kingdoms, usually two which are often warring.

Even as I could say that epic fantasy in YA has changed, a lot. These days it is more about say normal girls in the world, and also retellings which is about girls set in these worlds as well.

Honestly, because of what I have seen this is largely something that is started to really morph into something else. Since it has a lot less to do with swords these days. At least in the recent two years.

Works of this genre: An Ember in the Ashes, Throne of Glass, The Mirror King