My History: 2017-2018

Third year into writing, and I think that it’ll be my big break. It isn’t. Although this is a year where I do go to a new high in productivity.

Or at least see a really marked improvement in the quality of my works. Within A Grey Twilight will be finished and I was literally jumping for joy when I did do so in June 2017. And chucked it into editing.

While working on the sequel, Rise Within Nights. This is something that I’ll chuck to the side. In favour of rewriting Within A Grey Twilight when I realized that I needed to change things up.

And wondering personally just why I couldn’t edit. I would learn later (early 2019) that I just needed to embrace the fact that rewriting is a fact of my entire process. Other than forcing myself to read, something that I learned was a true torture and better for me to just embrace the change.

But back to this, I was overjoyed. Beyond overjoyed even. When I did finish.

I also had two other works. Book of Mystics on its perhaps second rewrite and fourth rendition by this point. And A Maiden’s Ballad which was much easier. Although I’ll put it on the side in 2018 and also mostly change the way it’s written to make A Maiden’s Strange Voyage.

And as I said, this is my final year of bad ideas choosing. Although it’s nowhere near the extent of the previous extent. I had one which was Book of Fate, I think I only wrote it till around Nov 2017. And a slight shift when I started bringing works more underground.

And for the first time I took part in Nano, and won it with a new work. Which was The Soothsayer’s Deceit. It would be with until early 2018 when I worked on it. And it did almost work, as the title itself gave a very good and almost solid idea about what is it about. Same for Book Of Fate.

Although I will again chuck this to the side never to see it again. Although it would really get me to think about setting works in a high fantasy setting. And later would be my main genre but only influenced by history.

Book of Fate, Visions of the Past, Book of Mystics and Spirit Seer were all urban fantasy or close to it. This would not. And would really be a shift in me heading closer to high and creating worlds of my own instead.

And this will be the second to last in this blog series for the next would cover 2018-2019, with 2019 being reserved for the end of the year.