Expectations Of A Genre: Epic Fantasy

For epic fantasy, this will be on adult epic fantasy. I have mostly gotten into it thinking that it was going to be better. Except that after a while, I just started falling out of it.Epic fantasy is often one where there are all sorts of races, dragons. And sometimes if you move to the darker side, it is exploring these as ethical choices.They are never set in our world. Since they would be moved to low fantasy, since the whole history of the world and real life often makes magic coexisting quite difficult.It is often where it is bringing us to a whole new world. Often set in the medieval time, although it can range. Since epic fantasy is really broad but at the bottom of things, it is about heroes since the tale is epic.The themes is good versus evil and there are some which turns this complete on its head. Trying to create something very different. Very removed from the original set of tropes, or just subverting them.And a lot of fighting, swords. And why I see the medieval setting was one which was heavily preferable. Since it was chaotic, small and also talking about chivalry. (In actual history, debatable but from early Modern history onwards this is a very complicated portrait.)Where there are a lot more grey to the way things are documented. Or there are reasonable amount of it that you can’t rule any ruler as some absolute hero or otherwise. Not so much with the lack of consistent records in the medieval period.But again, it is not strictly so. It can move forward and there are a lot of ways to redefine the genres.