My History: 2018-2019

Last year in the series. And the year where everything changed just as I also wrote the least amount of works. Nothing more than a grand total of three.

Although a lot of things changed here I would be consistent with these three works. Although I’ll drop one of them off in April.

These were House of Crossroads, as well as A Maiden’s Strange Voyage and Within A Grey Twilight. And really House of Crossroads is one of those things that I really forgot I wrote, and unlikely that I’ll revive it. Like the last mistake I would make before realizing what I was good at.

This was also the year I switched over to serial fiction instead of writing novels. Since it just didn’t fit me all that well at all. And the realization that I needed to embrace what was good about personal process and what it less me to do.

Working on two things at once slows me down, but it also familiarizes me with my story very intimately. It tells me what is the something about my story which sets it apart or what I should focus upon.

Both of which I’m working upon even till now, as arcs pass me by. And I’ll be returning to work on the next draft of A Maiden’s Strange while Within A Grey Twilight is still very very much my main work and I’ll be unlikely to set it aside till I’m done.

It was the year which I stumbled upon my formula and the year where I would really embrace what I was good at. All the years of 2015-2017 was about me finding myself.

I wrote urban fantasies, teen fiction, historical romances and some high fantasies and one thing that I can’t really classify under any specific genre. But by this point it seems that the direction it was pointing was the towards were none other than historical fantasy.

As my love and appreciation of history simply exploded and then the slew of ideas I got were all pointing towards it. A mix of history and fantasy, and blending them together.

And of course, through your years of wandering I finally reached a point where I know where I am. It is important for me, as every year taught me something that I did not learn and would not learn through the hard way. And all of them enriched and made me grow as a writer.