Should we write only in topics that we personally experienced?

But also onto the rather controversial topic of who should be writing. The minority voices only, or a mix of both and anyone. I am a strong advocate for anyone, simply because by limiting authors to their own culture, we box them. We don’t encourage them to think further to go beyond and most importantly, try.

It also tries and limits them to things that they already know. And fiction should never be about that. Feel free to call people out if their opinion or their writing is wrong. But preferring that they will stop, that’s very much censorship.

We should embrace the flawed voices and perspectives that we have. For it is what that will get us to improve to move forward. We need to stop thinking that we should be trying to correct people and instead are how this is the truth of the situation.

The truth is uncomfortable, but only when we truly know it even as it is far from our dreams. And only then that we can we truly try and change this.

In its own way, having others write shows us what do they think, their damaging beliefs and allowing you to find ways to disprove them, to clarify each and every one of them. And of course to encourage healthy debate.

And of course, no one can experience everything in life. That would make for a very confusing person. But writing about it can sometimes make us care and understand them. That they may be different but it doesn’t change the fact that they are also human.

That’s very much what writing is. And we should never try to stop anything from writing anything.