Relationships are complicated

Relationships to me are some of the most complicated things anyone can write. And I am a fan for writing then to the character and the experiences they have.

And often making them enriching but at the same time not beyond including problematic things. Because every relationship will have things that seem so. And what is healthy and what isn’t is a thin line, a very thin line.

It isn’t like say, very clear cut. And thus is why I say relationships are complicated. Not just slightly complicated bit rather with only a few certain ways to really show when it is no longer healthy.

But writing allows us to explore all sorts of relationships. Regardless of whether they are healthy or not, good or bad.

And it is all in the thoughts, the intention and the subtlety. And why characters perhaps do certain things. And a way to delve deep into them.

And perhaps gave me insight as to why writing is a lot about romantic relationships. For that itself is likely the most intimate and the most complicated of relationships.

Since a couple knows each other in a way that few friends knows. Because we essentially treat them as family, or let them give a glimpse into our lives as time goes by. And later on, perhaps even living together for an extended period of time.

Especially if it gets to that, it means the person could possibly know a lot about the other. Even in a break up.

Friendships can be complicated and so can be family relationships. As well as professional relationships. And all sorts of things. And there is no way for things to be suggested as good or bad until it becomes obvious one is abusing the other, taking advantage of them, or both.

And that is why I strongly believe that relationships would always be difficult. As well as complicated.