What you should know about your characters

Your characters need to be the people you know best. Or at least to an extent that the story would really be about them. That doesn’t mean that it needs to be ultra specific. Or you must know every single little detail in their life.

But there should be a guidelines as to how much and what’s good enough. And for me this is what I have to keep in mind for the.

#1 Their Goals

Goals is a very very important part of the character. It is what drives them, it is what makes them matter in your story.

Their goal is the journey they would have to go through to achieve what they want. Having things happen to your character throughout the entire story makes it difficult for the reader to care about things happening to them.

But the other way around, after a while it really gets boring as the main character just doesn’t have a reason to do anything he does. Or just does it because of plot. It is very obvious, as you can ask yourself why something happens in the plot and you find yourself at a loss or because reasons.

#2 Personality

Then comes how they go around achieving their goal. How they achieve it depends very much on personality, temperament. And what stands in their way certainly does as well change depending on their personality.

Think of a simple goal. Like buying a new phone. To some, that is easily accomplished, they just write it down. To others, they don’t even have the time to even sit down and eat much less ponder about it. Some don’t have the means to even afford one.

And thus you see completely different issues they face. It is sure that people would have different goals, but in the event their goals are one and the same, how they get it or what they do to achieve it, is the difference.

#3 Appearance

This is the last. But also important. Their personality would affect how they would dress themselves, how they present themselves.

It explains little details, and despite everything the first thing we know about anyone is how they look. Not just hair or eye color. But also their clothes, and sometimes their grooming.

It doesn’t need to go into the story, but helps to really place them in your mind or how they would react. And contrast nicely with how someone perceives them. Appearance can be said to not be important, but it is the first thing we notice about anyone.

So these are all things which you should know about your characters. What are some other things that you consider necessary but aren’t in the blog? Leave them in the comments below.