Writing Works in the Present

Writing works in the present does have a lot more benefits than the past. And a lot less to research about but there is still plenty of things that has to be done.

And I think that at the end of the day still has to be thought about. Instead of say trying to capture the sense of the time, to transport us then. This has to try to do something different.

Because this is the world were we’re living in now. When even a couple decades back only changes things a little, or slightly but everything then was very much done. Such as TV, good healthcare the internet has not yet exploded.

But still, it is still not as removed. But writing works about the present can present a whole new set of challenges. Simply because you have to find an angle, show us what is different about it in the world. Or about the realities of modern life in the context of a book.

We all lived through this in some form or another. Writing works in the present can also be deep on themes without the need to really go back to introducing us to the world around us. We already know, so the story can get started.

It can touch on topics that we very much know about or is hotly debated. Even as I say is to be careful about that, simply because there has to be a lot of careful handling of it. Although there is a lot more resources and ways to get what you wish or need to.

Such as going to another country to live for a couple of years when needed for research. Try out what your characters are going to do, or you need it. Which historical fiction writers also do, but to a lesser extent.

There is a lot more ways to really experience or it already draws on that experience. Which means that it also needs a story to be told. Honestly when it comes to modern works, I like it best when it’s grounded, it touches on the reality but there is also hope.

It needs just enough to feel like reality but plenty of things to make it still enjoyable. Or take it in a more fantastical or paranormal direction, although that has to be carefully handled as well. The blend between the worlds must be seamlessly brought together and can be explained why no one has found them.

So in a modern setting unlike the past logic has to very much apply when writing them but also about as much as imagination still does.

2 thoughts on “Writing Works in the Present

  1. One weakness of a modern setting is that it’s much easier to fact check, if the reader doesn’t already have personal experience that surpasses the writer. The one thing that killed The Historian for me is that all the location details seemed taken from a guidebook rather than from experience. It didn’t read as genuine.

    1. That is certainly interesting and I agree. The more modern it is and more current the more it needs to feel like an experience. And that may have been why I also didn’t click with The Historian. Heck, even historical settings need it but to a much lesser expectations because there is a lot of mystery because of time.