Writing Works in the Future

Writing works in the future is largely very different from say the past. Since this would often put the story into the realm of imagination, speculation and treating everything as what it is.

But the base is that they needed to be grounded in reality. Especially if it is thought about in the future. It is really popular right now especially about the collapse the world, illnesses, and cyberspace and robots. Why, because these things are what is at the most plausible.

Even those which are slightly out of the realms of them are all grounded in what we know and understand about our world. And the basics and foundation of science while they were here.

The future can be a very very scary place and as such there can be a whole lot of terrible outcomes. And right now there are many many headlines that suggest that things are worse in just a couple of years.

I think that’s also a truth there. Imagining things in the future would require them to think about it. And there can be lot of lessons but they all need to be found in reality.

And understand that what happens in the future can be seen. The advancements and the ideas are already here or in a slightly more primitive form. That is the form where we are seeing it happen. Or what can threaten us to our very core.

The way that we learn history is the same. It teaches us lessons that we would need to remember. That it is there, and how societies are not invincible to ruin. And how nature can very much go against us as much as it nurtures us.

Exploring the future explores a lot more of this abstract concepts, and also how the disasters that some predict may come to pass. Being in the future means understanding that the future is a place where we don’t know.

It is very different since speculation is everything. We can never tell what would happen in the near future. But what is likely to come to pass is already around us. And it can be positive, or negative.