Should we always read books to the end?

This is a large question that we need to answer. There are people who are stanch completionists, who would finish any book no matter how terrible it is.

I used to be that, although I have changed my way of thinking after realizing that it was mostly a complete waste of time on my end. That I was getting nothing but rather making myself miserable for no good reason if there was at all.

And to me, there are plenty of reasons why people read to the end and why we shouldn’t.

A reason why some say that they should is because to give the book a chance. Or a commitment to finishing it to the end even if it is far from something that they themselves will read. But they picked it up and thus they force themselves to finish it.

Those who do not just pick up the book as a passing interest, hoping that it would be good but also setting it out when things just doesn’t work out. I’m such a person, because there is always better stuff.

And here is some reasons why for me it is always better to set thing aside.

#1 There is always something better out there

This is rather true. There is always something better. And to me, once you set it down because it doesn’t work out, you can very much consider to look for the next book.

To me setting it down after I gave it a chance isn’t a bad thing. Because I gave it a chance and I just didn’t like it, I didn’t enjoy it. And for me, I often chalk it up to personal tastes or perhaps something about the book turned me off.

Then I look for the next without really hating the book.

#2 What’s the point of finishing it?

If the book is only good at the end, then it is not a good story. I don’t care how much anyone tells me that sometimes you have to be patient.

Mostly because it would be unlikely that I would really continue reading it especially if it is a series if it only got good at the end. That to me is a major turnoff because books need to be able to stand on their own without anything carrying them not fall back on a better second book. (Which is really unusual).

So I would say that if it only gets good at the end, then I would also drop it too, since it just doesn’t seem worth the payoff.

#3 Not every book is made for you, or you can find something to really enjoy about it

I have to admit that this was the hardest part. I slowly learned to accept that some books just weren’t for me. And that I needed to really ensure that I understood it and moved on.

There were stories where the concept was captivating but the the execution was so horrendous that it just didn’t work out. Or it felt interesting but whatever was inside just didn’t feel like what I was going to read.

And understand that my personal tastes plays a large factor and when it just doesn’t seem to make you feel as though reading is worth it, then the answer should be to just drop it.

I had a lot of books then and also now. Things that I picked up because it seemed fairly okay, and then it just felt boring, bland or a combination of the two. And that’s okay, because the more I did this, the more I figured out what excited me and what didn’t.