The Story Nut

Have a book that is already finished, but you’re still unsure about whether you’re ready for the next stage?

Consider using a reader like me, who critiques your story. I would analyze your characters, pacing, plot, and themes, to see if it is well written, tight, and a delight to read from the get-go. 

I accept most genres except nonfiction, I am comfortable with reading anything. Although my favorite genres, would be fantasy, historical fiction, mystery and thrillers. 

However, what makes me qualified or good enough to tell whether your story is good or not?

I’m a writer, and also a reader who has read well over 900 books in a wide variety of genres. Exciting me is rather tricky, and if a story is weak, I can give a reason why it occurs.

However, isn’t writing subjective?

Yes, but what I’ll do is make suggestions after reading your work and trying to keep all biases aside. Meaning that I’ll look at your job as a critic, and objectively view your story for what it is. I would make annotations and notes before I write a detailed report to you, and keep in mind that these are all suggestions, the story is yours, and I would never attempt to change your words or even rewrite them.

Moreover, I have much experience reading books, meaning that I can tell whether your work is refreshing, entertaining, or just dull. I know cues that tell me whether a book is excellent or likely needs work.

What about the technical aspects of writing?

I mean there are plenty of beta readers, editors and proofreaders who do that. I don’t offer the full package as I’m not trained in grammar. Unless of course, it impairs my ability to understand your story.

You can also consider me a stepping stone because you’ll have to do a lot to please me as a reader. I’ll be encouraging, objective but I won’t ever be lenient on the work. I mean I’m mostly let down by what I read, with only a handful being exceptional gems which changed my life.

I strive to make sure your story is the best it can be, not because I like to, but because I want to see more great works and enjoy reading a little more than I do. 

If you’re still unsure, you can request a sample critique, click on the button below. A sample for me would be around 5k words, and if I do see full manuscripts, I will ignore you.

Delivery Timeframe

These are largely guidelines and a by when date, which means that I will deliver before or a by this date

Word Count Overview
Under 50k
7 days
Under 100k
14 days
Under 150k
21 days
Under 200k
28 days

Report Details

Once I'm done I will write a report for you. The minimum length be found below:

5-25k: 500 words

25-50k: 750 words

50-75k: 1000 words

75k-100k: 1250 words 

100k and up: 1500 words


I require upfront payment before I start working on the manuscript.

Prices (USD)

Word Count Overview

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Submit Your Manuscript


"Her compliments and criticism helped me see big picture problems that needed to be addressed in my next revision, and she came through for me with great wait times and helpful comments!"
-In that case, I'd like to thank you for the feedback you provided on my novel, Equo. You highlighted several issues that I had previously been on the fence about, and I'm now much clearer on how to handle them. Your positive feedback was similarly constructive. All in all, I am very glad to have received your help, and would recommend you to other writers in my position.
Mark Gerry
Victorique was clear and honest with her feedback, providing in-depth criticism on what lacked, such as deeper character motivations and vivid setting, along with suggestions on how to improve upon those issues. I’m glad to have worked with her, and I’ll no doubt be returning in the future to do so again.”
I love running my written creations through betareaders. Armed with various skill sets, each one experiences the story through a different perspective, resulting in a wide range of feedback. Victorique has an exceptional ability to feel into the story, showing me ways that I can fill out my characters and pointing out areas that don't work. I envy her vivid imagination and am so grateful for being able to utilize it to strengthen my novels.
Dave Aneo
Victorique's feedback was extremely helpful in knowing what worked for my novel and what needed more revisions. Not only did she provide feedback on plot, character development, and pacing, she also gave me great insight into the emotional side of my story and pointed out places where I could deepen the reader's emotional connection with my characters. I will definitely be using her again when I need another beta reader!
Lora Gallman